About Us

About Us

Taxpreparation101 is a tax educational and income tax preparation service designed to meet the needs of the US taxpayer. We offer free tax education service in tax preparation,tax planning and tax resolution.

We are located in the Dallas Fortworth area in Lewsiville Texas . With our partners, Burnett Financial(BF Tax) we are able to provide financial services from income tax preparation for businesses and individual tax returns to tax resolutions and audit representation before the IRS.

Our Goal is to make every tax return we prepare transparent before the tax payer,file it efficiently and accurately and ensure all due diligence requirements are met.

We have a mission of being the go-to tax education and tax preparation service include tax planning not only in the Dallas Fortworth area but the whole country, one state at a time.

Our Partners, BF Tax and Financial Services provides a personalized review of your current and prior years tax return to ensure you’ve received the maximum refund. Our trained professionals carefully review your tax return to identify any mistakes, missed credits, or inaccurate filing statuses. Any of these mistakes can greatly reduce your refund.

Our partners are the #1 Tax Preparation professionals in the Dallas FortWorth area with 95% of our clients getting a Tax Refund of at least $3850 each year.

We guarantee,fast efficient and accurate tax returns.

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We also offer other services which among others include tax preparation,tax planning,tax resolution and audit representation.

Call (drop a message)or text to make your appointments on 972-863-0300 or email us on incometax@taxpreparation101.com

Our Partners, Burnett Tax and Financial Services has been in the business of filing taxes for its clients for over 8 years

We got you in making sure all your tax needs and liability is efficiently returned and filed to the IRS.

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