Income Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation

Every year every citizen or legal resident of the United states is required to file their taxes with the Internal Revenue Service as a way of submitting their income tax liability responsibilities to the federal and /or state governemnts(some state governments require you to file state taxes).

This usually starts the first week of January at the beginning of each year and stretches to sometime in April depending on the tax year schedule as published by the IRS.

However some bodies and individuals also have responsibilities of filing their tax returns at certain times of the year depending on their individual or corporate tax situations with the IRS.

Tax Preparation is carried out by certified accountants,tax attorneys and certified tax enrollers approved by the IRS by issuing them PTIN No and EFIN numbers.

Tax Preparation 101 is a tax education and preparation service in conjunction with its partners,Burnett Financial who are certified tax preparation enrollers who file your tax return in the most efficient and accurate way and ensures its follows all the due diligence requirements to ensure all data required by the IRS is submitted in a transparent manner by the tax payer.

While we guarantee your maximum tax refunds we ensure all data submitted by our clients in preparation of their tax returns is stored in the most confidential and orderly manner.

BF Taxes will prepare your 1099s and w2s and make sure all the necessary supporting documents required to ensure your tax return is not rejected by the IRS.

We file both business and income taxes and offer tax advise to make sure your taxes are not returned for incorrect filing. We also assist you in filing your back taxes and also go further to represent you if you have any audit questions to answer from the IRS. During filing we have an option where you can opt in for audit representation fee in case you are singled out by the IRS for audit representation.


BF Taxes provides a personalized review of your current and prior years tax return to ensure you’ve received the maximum refund. Our trained professionals carefully review your tax return to identify any mistakes, missed credits, or inaccurate filing statuses. Any of these mistakes can greatly reduce your refund.

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